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About Pampered Pets

We work with the Little angels rescue BG charity. Little Angels Rescue is a charitable foundation registered in Bulgaria and is run by a small yet very dedicated team. We at pampered pets donate 50% of our profits to the charity to help these poor little animals.

Our products are all made to order, thoroughly tested by our own specially trained testers. Blu & Skye our two Rotwielers and Treacle and Bell our 2 cats. The quality control testers are the best in the business.

We do allow 35 days from order placement to delivery. This again is because all our products are hand made to order.
The fabric we use is very strong, washable and the embroidery threads we use are run free, Pampered pets can make almost anything, we have not been beaten yet but we are sure there will be one item we just cannot produce.

Pamper your pet, our towels, bandannas, bags, beds and many other items make your treasured pets life a bit more comfortable.
Pampered Pets bandanna Image
Bandannas for your pampered pet. These lovely bandanas,come in a range of colours, please choose colour when ordering we have 2 sizes, large 22 x 19 cms and medium 20 x 17 cms.

The bandannas are machine washable and the embroidery thread used is colour fast so will not fade.

All our products are made to order and we allow 35 days from order placement to delivery. We will of course try to get your products to you as soon as possilble.

Maybe you would like something special for your pampered pet, why not give us a call on 0117 3790006 or drop us an email to discuss your requirements.

Remember 50% of the profit generated on these products will be donated to Little Angels Rescue BG
Pet Bandanna Image

Pet Bandanna
"I adopted a human" Bandanna

Retro Angel Wing Image

Retro Angel Wing
Lovely embroidered doggy bandanna with Retro Angel Wing

Pampered Pets Bedzz and Cusion Covers Image
Hand crafted pet bed covers. We can make you pet bed cover to almost any size. Double edge stitched for strength, machine washable and totally unique
Pet Bed Image

Pet Bed
Pampered pets small pet bed, Ideal for a cat.

Cushion Cover Image

Cushion Cover
I adopted a human embroidered cushion cover

Cushion Cover Image

Cushion Cover
Skaespurr Katzz hamlet design embroidered on to a colourful cushion cover

Pampered Pets cusion cover Image

Pampered Pets cusion cover
Pampered pets and shakespurr katzz embroidered cusion cover

Pampered pets dog bed Image

Pampered pets dog bed
Bed covers for your pampered pets

Pampered Pets Bags and Towels Image
Perfect for those mucky paws.

Embroidered pet towels with the pets name embroidered for free and a choice of hundreds of designs. Visit our facebook page for more design ideas
Little Angels Rescue Bag Image

Little Angels Rescue Bag
Little angels rescue bag, a charity close to our hearts